Best Wireless Fish Finder – iOS / Android

Deeper Smart Sonar PRO

Deeper Smart PRO Sonar uses Wi-Fi to keep reliably the distance between the user and the device. The Sonar Deeper Smart PRO is made so that it, while floating on the water surface, it analyzes all the background and depth of the water, detects the depth, temperature and bottom structure and puts highlighted the fish on the screen. The information appears immediately on your smartphone or tablet. The Sonar Deeper Smart PRO is an ideal multipurpose detector at the shore by kayak or ice fishing.

Wireless Fish Finder & Submersible

PRO is a device small and ultra-light that is easily portable and usable, and is perfect to throw with all the standard fishing line. It has the same size as its predecessor Bluetooth, but it has a number of advanced features. Thus, you can access the precise data of the same fish finder on a fishing from land which was possible until now only from control panel of a costly fishing boat.

Advantage of Wireless Fish Finder Technology

PRO uses a wireless connection to transfer sonar data even more accurate. Wireless connection establishes a safe distance up to 100 m between the Deeper device and its user. No signal processing or data use are not necessary.

AP Internal Wireless Fish Finder

You do not need any wireless internet connection or mobile data on your fishing spot! Deeper The device has an internal wireless access point through which you can connect to your smartphone or tablet. All you have to do is connect your wireless network to your smartphone and activate the connection with the Deeper access point. You can use your device Deeper everywhere, even in the Amazonian forests.

Important Note: If you set a shorter pad, disable mobile data and / or Wi-Fi wizard on your smartphone. Or cellular signals or the use of data is not necessary if you use the Deeper device.

Wireless Fish Finder

Boot Function

If the boat is on fashion, you can select in real time bathymetric data up on your archived offline map and to display directly on the screen of your smartphone. This function uses the GPS on your smartphone to be able to precisely locate. All cards can be archived and accessible at any time to improve fishing efficiency.

Objects with High Resolution Underwater

With the resolution of higher scan can distinguish objects of distance of up to 1.3 cm and thus under water even the smallest elements. A dynamic range extended 8 times allows more accurate detection of these objects. All to equip you to get a picture underwater accurate.

Higher Scan Frequencies

All details submarines provide important information where the fish could hide. PRO is enhanced with a double scan rate of up to 15 scans / O so you can better capture even the fastest underwater objects. So you can follow all the fish that swim in front of your detector.

Smart Fishing

Deeper the application is compatible with most iOS and Android smartphones and tablets and so you can upgrade your equipment at any time in a suitable manner. So you get the latest features and the best performance from your best fish finder while holding it up to date and equipping the latest software. Log online to intelligent fishing community and inspire others while sharing your catch!


Sensor of the temperature of the water

Measurements in a depth of up to 80 m

Rolen Rony