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The Equipment of the Fisherman

The time has come for you to prepare the fishing equipment to go fishing. And what better way to do it than the hand of Fishing Blog, where you will find all the information you need on the fishing equipment that should employ a good fisherman.We will help you prepare all the fishing gear you […]

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There are Many Variants Fishing Nets

Image Source LinkIn most cases they are used for the commercial part of the discipline, their constructions are made of different materials and roughly they are divided in two groups: fixed or mobile.The fishing net is one of the many elements that are used to carry out this activity, its variants can be different and […]

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Varies Depending on the Type of Fishing

This rig has different options for those who perform this activity, since some serve for rocky bottoms, other sandy, changing in their weights and shapes according to the requirements.Plumbing or lead is another part of the fishing equipment which, like all other elements, has its importance and fulfills a specific function. In this case the […]

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Types and Importance in Fishing- Fly

Image Source LinkThis element for the capture of aquatic species is an insect mimic that attracts some families and their manufacture can vary, apart their use grew much over the years.In fly fishing there is just one element that is a fundamental and can not miss, is the one that gives the name to this […]

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A Shallow Fishing Element – Buoy

Image SourceIt is also known as floater and has several variants in its constructions, fulfilling two main functions: to maintain the hook at a certain distance from the surface and to indicate when the pike occurs.The buoy or float is another part of the fishing equipment and its use has two purposes, the first is […]

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How to Fill Up Your Fishing Box

In the fishing equipment must be all the necessary elements to achieve the capture of various marine species.In addition to fishing rod and reel, the vital element is the fishing box because in it are the other elements properly organized according to the taste of the fishing fan.They are usually offered diverse variety of fishing […]

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Tararira – A Defiant American Fish

Image SourceIts species inhabits most of the continent within freshwater and is a born predator, which can weigh up to 5 kilos and represents a great attraction for fans of sport fishing.A fish that attracts attention and is very popular in the fishing of the American continent, is the Tararira. Recognized for being a sweet […]

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