Deeper Fish Detector – Intelligent fish finder for iOS and Android

Smart fish finder for your smart phone or tablet

Deeper fish detector is a smart sonar to smartphones and tablets operating under the Android 2.3+ and iOS 5.0+ system. The intelligent sonar operates at a depth of 0.5 meters to 40 meters (130 feet) and uses a Bluetooth connection to transfer information to the fish, the bottom of the pond, the water temperature and even the obstacles you may encounter on the screen of a smartphone or tablet.

The intelligent fish finder can be used in fresh and salt water. The double bundle combines the many details with a wide range of applications. Compact, light and friendly, Deeper fish detector is the perfect companion for every fisherman.

Thanks to intelligent Deeper fish detector you only need one gadget for each fishing area and all the times when you are fishing. It is fully portable so you can find the fishing grounds that the other does not reach sounder.

From the shore, dock, kayak or boat. This unique wireless technology helps you intelligently wherever you are. Once you attach Deeper on your fishing rod, you will receive information on fish, structure, depth and even water temperature.

Rolen Rony