Deeper Smart Sonar PRO

Deeper Smart Sonar PRO is a small and powerful echo sounder that can be tied to the line

Advantages of the Wi-Fi connection:

The PRO model uses the Wi-Fi connection to transfer more accurate data from the sonar to your smartphone. The Wi-Fi connection allows you to maintain a distance between the Deeper device and the user up to 100 m (330 feet).

Background structure in high resolution:

The PRO model incorporates a higher resolution scanning system that distinguishes objects at a distance of up to 1.3 cm (0.4 ft) and allows you to capture smaller underwater units. In this way, you will know exactly what you are fishing.

Trace the Great Depths:

The PRO model floats in the water and scans up to 80 m (260 ft) below the surface, allowing you to trace each accident of the relief and recognize the most productive fishing areas.

Free offline maps:

In boat mode, the Deeper application combines the underwater data of the PRO device with the GPS data of the smartphone and creates real-time bathymetric maps that are displayed directly on the mobile phone's screen. All maps can be downloaded for free through the Deeper application.

Technical Specifications

Wi-Fi reach:

330 ft / 100 m


2.5 "/ 6.5 cm in diameter


From iOS 8.0 and Android 4.0 to the latest iOS and Android devices




3.5 oz / 100 grams


Wireless Wi-Fi Connection

Depth Range Max / Min:

260 ft (80 m) / 2 ft (0.5 m)


Water temperature sensor

Temperature Unit:

Celsius / Fahrenheit

Operating Temperature:

-4F to 104F ° / -20C ° to 40C °


Lithium Polymer, 3.7V Rechargeable

Power Adapter:

110V / 240V. Micro USB.

Type of Sonar:

Double Ray


290 kHz (15 °) / 90 kHz (55 °)



Wireless sonar:

Easy to deploy and use, the PRO model is small and ultra light, ideal for launching it using the most conventional lines. It shares size and weight with its Bluetooth precursor, but incorporates numerous expanded features so even when fishing from the shore, you can access accurate echo sounder data that was previously only available on the consoles of luxury fishing boats.

Internal access point wifi:

You do not need a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection in your fishing zone! The Deeper device has an internal wifi access point that you can connect to your smartphone or tablet. All you need to do is activate the wifi function on your smartphone and connect it to the Deeper access point. You can connect your Deeper device anywhere in the world, even in the Amazon rain forest.

Important notice: If you get the range of connection of less reach, turn off the connection of data of the mobile and / or the Wi-Fi of your smartphone. It is not necessary to have coverage or use the mobile data connection in order to use the Deeper device.

Boat Mode:

In Boat mode, you can real-time mark the bathymetric data on your offline filed map and display them directly on your smartphone's screen. This feature uses the GPS of your smartphone to set your exact location. You can archive or access all maps at any time to improve your fishing efficiency.

High resolution underwater objects:

Scanning with higher resolution that distinguishes the objects at a distance of up to 1.3 cm and allows to capture smaller underwater units. At the same time, the dynamic range, magnified 8 times, allows to detect these objects more precisely. All to provide you with an accurate underwater image.

Higher scanning frequencies:

All the underwater details give you important clues about where the fish are hiding. The PRO model has been upgraded with a duplicate scanning frequency of up to 15 scans / sec that allows you to capture underwater objects with faster movements. This way, you could track all fish passing through your radar.

Smart fishing with reed:

The Deeper app is compatible with most iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, so you can comfortably update your device at any time. You will get the newest features and the best performance of your sonar keeping it updated with the latest version of the software. Join the clever online fishing community and inspire others by sharing their catch!

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